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Customer Training and Support

Get support by phone and WhatsApp. Use your panel more effectively with our face-to-face training.

Always the Latest Package

No matter when you register, you will automatically benefit from all updates to our infrastructure.

High Security SSL Certificate

Have an SSL certificate that will ensure the security of your customers. Keep your information safe with high level protection.

Unlimited Web Space

You have the opportunity to add an unlimited number of products, categories, brands, users, images, videos and files to your website.

Email Account

You can create e-mail accounts with your name as an extension of your brand, e.g. @demresa.com. Each GB of your web space represents your maximum e-mail account. You can use all your quota in a single account.


It specifies the size of the files such as images and pdf that you will add to the web area and the size of your e-mail accounts.

10 GB
10 GB
10 GB

Page and Blog Management

You can create or edit your Blog and Page content.

SEO Tools

You can easily do your search engine optimization. You can add meta descriptions and keywords to your content or hide your content from search engines. It can identify your broken links and provide correct guidance. You can make visitor analysis about your pages.

Special Design Service

You can choose any of the designs we offer free of charge and customize it as you wish. You can also choose this feature to have a custom design that reflects your brand image.

Admin Account

You can authorize your staff through the management panel by defining different authorizations.


Campaign & Discount Robot

You can increase your marketing options with cart-specific, coupon, hourly, daily, company-specific discounts.


Ticket Support and Refund System

Your customers can create a support request (ticket) about the products they have purchased and initiate a return process.


Shipping Integrations

It offers automatic cargo sending, barcode creation and product tracking features via the website with cargo integrations.


Pay with Link without Shopping

You can send your customers a link to pay and receive your payments.


Cart Reminder

You can increase your conversions by sending automatic e-mails for products forgotten in the cart and by sending bulk campaign e-mails to customers who leave their orders unfinished.


SMS Reminder

Reminder messages can be sent to customers collectively or individually.


Stock Tracking

You can update the stock status of your products. You can determine the quantities to be sold on your e-commerce site.


Stock Counting Programme

You can create a count plan for your inventories and create a count report with your mobile phone or barcode device.


Language Options

You can appeal to international customers with your brand by adding the language option you want on your e-commerce site.


WhatsApp Cart Reminder

You can send automatic e-mails for products forgotten in the cart and send a reminder message via WhatsAPP to customers who left their order unfinished.


Sales with Assortment

You can wholesale certain products by packaging them as sets.


Subscription System

With the subscription system, you can automatically receive weekly, monthly, yearly payments from your customers.


Fast Payment Convenience with Masterpass

Your customers can save their card to Masterpass and make e-commerce payments with Mastercard assurance without entering card information.


B2B Dealer System

You can group your dealers and sell them at different prices.


Multi-Branch Structure

By adding more than one branch to your system, you can define different prices and products for each branch. With the online order tracking system, branches can see and process their own orders.


Physical Store Sales Program

Continue selling from your physical store with the management panel, track both your e-commerce and physical store reports at a single point.


Frequently Asked Questions

E-commerce package refers to a combination of software and services that includes various features and tools necessary for businesses that want to conduct online business activities. The software included in these packages greatly simplifies the process of creating your e-commerce website, while also making the management of active sites easier.

When choosing an e-commerce package, you should first clearly define your business goals. You should consider factors such as which products you will sell, the markets you target, payment and shipping options. In addition, package features such as user-friendly interface, customization options, security measures, payment integrations and customer support should also be among the factors you should consider.

An e-commerce site is an online platform where products or services are sold over the internet.

With its powerful software and server infrastructure, it provides a comfortable user experience to the customers of companies using demresa infrastructure. The programming logic makes a difference with its familiar management panel that can be used by anyone without internet and computer experience in the past. The sales strategies and mass access mechanism are based on making a difference in customer relations by delivering a ready-for-sale e-commerce site with slides, banners, products, prices and stocks, rather than just providing a package program.

The advantages of demresa e-commerce packages are that they enable businesses to easily set up online stores, offer ease of use without the need for technical knowledge, create attractive and customizable store views with custom design templates, include payment and security integrations, simplify processes by providing functions such as product management, inventory tracking, customer relationship management, provide the opportunity to reach a wide customer base, and provide the opportunity to monitor the performance of businesses with various reporting tools.

E-commerce site fees are paid annually. You choose the package that suits your needs among demresa's e-commerce packages and then pay the package fee. The license agreements made are for 1 year. At the end of 1 year, your license must be renewed and you pay the annual renewal fee specified in your contract for the continuation of these services.

demresa e-commerce site is installed and delivered to you on the same day after your purchase. After the installation, you can determine the categories, subcategories and brands, upload products, customize the site and make business-specific settings such as Virtual POS integration so that you can sell online and generate revenue immediately. Once you have access to the e-commerce platform, you can customize features such as design, payment method, product categories, order management and marketing tools. When you update your site in accordance with the needs of your business, you can start selling online.

demresa's customer service and support team will provide you with free support during the process of moving your site.

E-commerce website setup costs are included in e-commerce website packages. Pricing varies depending on the package price you choose, in line with your wishes and needs.

demresa explains the e-commerce package purchasing process to you with all transparency and does not charge you any additional fees other than the e-commerce package you choose.

Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time. For example, when you first establish your business, you can start with our standard package and upgrade to our higher level packages as your business grows and your new needs emerge.

demresa delivers your site to you by adding the necessary keywords to increase the findability of your site by using SEO tools with its Seo compatible system to get indexed in Google. In this way, you can reach customers more easily.

Yes, we provide free training support. demresa allows you to start selling with your turnkey e-commerce site with its easy-to-use management panel and free training.

demresa e-commerce packages are installed as turnkey. You can manage your online store without the need for any software knowledge while using the user-friendly management panel during or after installation.

Yes, demo version of demresa e-commerce packages is available. With the demo version, you can examine the management panel and test our user-friendly interface yourself.

We understand your request to install the e-commerce package on your own server. However, in order to provide the best service to our customers, we custom design and host our e-commerce packages on our servers. This allows us to optimally address important issues such as security, performance and sustainability. We are constantly making software improvements and providing security updates to provide a better experience for our customers. We optimize our servers to ensure high performance and fast response times. We also constantly monitor and update our infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service and backup solutions. By choosing an e-commerce package hosted on demresa servers, you can launch a successful online store quickly, without dealing with technical difficulties and security concerns.

Yes, our prices include Virtual POS installation. All you need to do is to submit the documents we request from you while setting up your e-commerce system and then your Virtual POS system will be ready for use with your site.

You do not need to pay additional fees for domain name, Hosting, SSL and many other services you need. All of these services are included in demresa e-commerce packages. These services are renewed during the annual renewal. If you have previously purchased a domain name, you can choose to use that domain name during installation.

You can easily add any number of products you want in the demresa e-commerce management panel. There is no product upload quota. You can change all your prices on a single screen, just like in Excel. You can create various campaigns to increase your sales for your products. You can upload photos of products in bulk and automatically crop and resize the photos.

You can purchase demresa e-commerce packages with cash, money order/EFT and credit card options.

Yes, our software updates are free. You will never be behind the times with our automatic and free infrastructure updates compatible with constantly renewing, changing and developing Google algorithms.

No, demresa does not charge any fees on the sales you make. You only pay demresa the amount of the e-commerce package you choose.

Yes, you can purchase demresa e-commerce packages with installment options.

We periodically have discounted e-commerce packages. We can provide you with special discounts for additional services you request outside the packages. You can talk more about this with our sales department when purchasing the package.

After purchasing the e-commerce package, demresa explains all the processes in detail, conveys everything required for the installation of your site, and supports you with examples on how you can fulfill these requirements. After installing the system, demresa offers the training you need to do e-commerce.