The rapid development of technology enables companies to open up to the world market. The developing sector provides a growing market. As a company that develops the best e-commerce packages and provides infrastructure, we are building your shop in the Internet world.

With your e-commerce site, you have the opportunity to introduce your brand to the whole world. You can make sales on e-commerce sites at a lower cost than your normal business. Your customers can find you and shop 24 hours a day. You can list hundreds or even thousands of products, run a campaign for any product you want, whenever you want, and sell your products easily.

Live Technical Support

In addition to the success demresa has demonstrated in e-commerce software, demresa also aims to provide service in its customer support line. You can reach us via live support line at any time via phone, e-mail or WhatsApp.

Order on a Single Page

Your customers can fill in all the information on a single page and order easily without wasting time.

Easy and Unlimited Product Upload

You can easily add as many products as you want in the demresa e-commerce management panel. You can change all your prices on a single screen, just like in Excel. You can create various campaigns to increase your sales for your products. You can upload photos of products in bulk and automatically crop and resize the photos.

Fast and Easy Order Management

You can track your orders live from the online order screen, number your cargo, and print your invoices or receipts with a single click. demresa allows you to start selling with your turnkey e-commerce site with its easy-to-use management panel and free training. You can send your orders without keeping your customers waiting with the user-friendly management panel where you can manage everything on a single screen.

Different Payment Methods

We make it easier for you to receive payments from your customers on all e-commerce sites with the payment system you want, and we complete your integration by applying to payment institutions such as PayTR, Iyzico, Ipara on your behalf.

Up-to-date and Seo Compatible Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is constantly kept up to date with changing technologies. Google algorithms are constantly monitored. Your system is automatically updated. SEO compatible websites are created with appropriate web designs.

How is e-commerce done? What does an e-commerce site look like, what should be the features of an e-commerce site, how should a good e-commerce site be, information about us as a company that creates an e-commerce site, is it safe to sell through e-commerce sites? You can get all the answers to your questions by coming to our e-commerce office in Izmir.  by reaching us by phone 0850 305 8913 or writing to [email protected] an e-mail.

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