Join demresa + members now and take your place at the forefront of the growing internet world with our professional services that we offer special for you.

With demresa+, you can achieve success by easily mastering processes such as customized software solutions, marketing management, brand consultancy and brand management.

Software Developer and Software Solutions for Your Brand

You can find solutions to any software support you need for your brand by contacting your dedicated software developer on our live support line. We also offer special software solutions that will optimize the operation of your business, increase your profitability, and manage your activities such as logistics and warehouse management, customer services, contact center and automation integrations.

Accounting and XML Integration

Thanks to the integrations applied to demresa's special infrastructure, you can easily manage your accounting programs and e-commerce site from the same screen.

Customized Designs for Your Brand

Let's design your website and logo together from start to finish, specifically for your target audience and your own taste.

Social Media and Advertisement Support

We support you with the setup and management of your social media accounts and post designs. During the periods when your sector is active, we increase your visibility by organizing your advertising campaigns that you may need.

Search Results Optimization (SEO) Support

We help you get to the first pages of Google by doing special software and content seo for the keywords you want to be found when searched on Google.

You can get all the answers to your questions about demresa+ and all our services such as other e-commerce, web design and e-export site installations by coming to our e-commerce office in Izmir and contacting us by phone. 0850 305 8913 or you can contact us by [email protected] writing an e-mail