Who is Demresa?

Demresa was established in Izmir Karsiyaka in 2015 to provide e-commerce, e-export infrastructure provider and web software, web design services. Demresa works to produce more efficient projects for commercial enterprises in the software sector with its strong server and software infrastructure.

With its powerful software and server infrastructure, demresa provides a comfortable user experience to the customers of the companies using its infrastructure. The programming logic makes a difference with the familiar management panel that can be used by anyone without internet and computer experience in the past.

Sales strategies and mass access mechanisms are based on making a difference in customer relations by delivering an e-commerce site ready for sale with slides, banners, products, prices and stocks, rather than just giving a package programme.

With the advantage of having more than 10 years of experience in technical service, sales and management units in the best retail companies of the technology sector, Demresa has brought a brand new perspective to the software sector with the logic of quality and extra benefit in service. Demresa, which primarily supports the creation of a corporate image for the internet, aims to index quickly in search engines with minimum advertising expenses by adding the right keywords to the infrastructure with Web design, E-Commerce designs. With systems such as mobile applications, accounting and current account tracking, it has taken the principle of providing integrity with a healthy functioning in the use of both the customer and the company.

Our Mission

To contribute to the growth of the sector by following the current technologies in the software sector without compromising quality and trust in service. To provide internship opportunities to promising new graduates in the software sector, which is developing and growing day by day, and to enable them to actually apply their theoretical training in accordance with current software technologies and to contribute to the sector by training qualified employees.

Our Vision

To be among the most preferred companies in Turkey in the sectors we serve with the understanding of transparent company by producing fast and creative solutions without compromising quality in accordance with the target focus of businesses in the software, IT and advertising sector.