Make Money by Selling E-commerce and Websites

With our affiliate program, you can earn money by selling or referring .

Who Can Become a Partner?

demresa's business partners include various professionals such as digital advertising agencies, influencers, software companies, freelancers, e-commerce managers and consultancy firms. The program offers everyone the opportunity to earn income and earn high profits.

How Can I Make Money?

By directing your potential customers to us, you can have our expert team make sales on your behalf or you can sell directly to your portfolio. In this way, you can multiply your business's income and make the most of our business partnership.

Win Continuously, Not Just Once

We know the importance of winning not just once, but constantly. We accompany you not only in the beginning but also in long-term success. In addition to earning money with annual renewal fees, we help you manage your portfolio safely.

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Frequently asked Questions

demresa affiliate program offers the opportunity to earn income by promoting or directing e-commerce and website services. Participants in the program can make sales by recommending Demresa's e-commerce and website solutions to their target audiences and earn commission from these sales. They can also earn additional commissions when they refer new affiliates and sellers. demresa affiliate program offers participants additional income and business partnership opportunities.

After signing demresa's affiliate agreement, they can create records of potential customers from the dealer panel provided to them. When registered potential customers purchase one of Demresa web design or e-commerce packages, dealers receive their own progress payments based on determined commission rates.

Individuals and businesses operating with demresa's e-commerce dealership program have the chance to cooperate with demresa, a global brand whose e-commerce packages and solutions are preferred by thousands of brands. Thanks to the demresa e-commerce dealership system, sales partners can increase their income with additional services such as site setup, advertising, design, SEO and e-commerce consultancy.

There is a wide range of people who can be demresa's business partners. These people include professionals from various sectors such as digital advertising and performance agencies, influencers, software companies, ERP and accounting software dealers, freelancers, e-commerce managers, consulting companies, integration companies, financial advisors and real estate agents. demresa's business partnership program is open to all types of individuals and businesses aiming to make a profit. This program offers participants various income opportunities and provides them with the opportunity to form a successful business partnership by providing access to Demresa's wide customer base.

Yes, Demresa affiliate program operates worldwide. Our program encourages the participation of individuals and businesses in different geographical regions around the world, thus providing our partners with wider market access by creating an extensive sales network globally. Therefore, no matter which country you live in, you can apply to join the Demresa affiliate program and benefit from its advantages.

After your affiliate marketing is approved, you can track your referred customers and earnings through your panel.

Is There Anyone Making Money From Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, demresa has more than 200 affiliates who earn money by participating in the affiliate program. This program offers sales partners the opportunity to direct customers and receive commission from successful sales by introducing Demresa's services such as web design, e-commerce and e-export infrastructure provider. In this way, our partners earn high profits.

Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?

Yes, Demresa's affiliate marketing program makes money. This program introduces the services offered by Demresa, such as web design, e-commerce and e-export infrastructure provider, and when you direct customers to purchase these services, our partners will earn high profits with high commission rates.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Partnership marketing is when a company collaborates to increase its sales by promoting its products or services to other people or businesses. This collaboration is generally commission-based, with a share of each sale being received. Partners often work independently and determine their own marketing strategies. demresa offers great opportunities to those who want to earn income through affiliate programs in Turkey. The affiliate program offered by demresa provides participants with the opportunity to earn commissions when they make successful sales, by promoting services such as web design, e-commerce and e-export infrastructure provider. Thanks to this program, demresa's affiliate partners earn income by promoting demresa's services with their own efforts. Affiliate programs offered by leading companies such as Demresa in Turkey attract great attention by offering additional income opportunities to participants.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Partnership marketing refers to collaboration between one company and another company or individual. This collaboration can often be about sales growth or marketing strategies. Business partners usually come together by mutual agreement and work together to achieve set goals.

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