Become a Demresa Business Partner Let's Earn Together

e-ticaret bayilik

Izmir's e-commerce infrastructure provider

Demresa software provides services to its customers with turnkey and face-to-face training. Unlike the sector, it does not deliver an empty infrastructure, it meets the needs of the entrepreneur without a graphic or software knowledge.

e-ticaret bayilik

Market growth due to Covid-19

In these days when the importance of e-commerce is clear, it can give life to many businesses with distance selling.

e-ticaret bayilik

High income opportunities

Earnings in the Demresa partnership are clear and transparent. The amount of earnings also increases in the event of a barrier overrun.

e-ticaret bayilik

Strong technical support

We produce fast and high quality solutions to the needs with our technical support department.

Individuals or companies who want to get a dealership within the scope of business partnership must have the prerequisites in question.

The application can only be made by the company officials on behalf of the companies. The applications can be made within the scope of the activities of the company, including consultancy and brokerage services for 3rd parties or companies, and on behalf of the company's own activities.

Applicants confirm to report their business contacts, sales marketing activities and channels if requested by Demresa Software.

The applicant undertakes the accuracy of the information provided to Demresa Software and accepts that Demresa Software has the right of unilateral termination if the information is not correct.

In Demresa Software, all information provided by the applicant during the application will be kept confidential and will be kept strictly confidential by third parties.

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